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Para Hills Residential Care provides Aged Care in a 60 bed home fully accredited by the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission. Our care comprises nursing and personal care services.

There is a registered nurse on duty at all times and we have trained personal carers, diversional therapists, enrolled nurses and clinical care nurses on staff.

In addition to permanent beds we provide respite & emergency respite care and care for residents with Dementia, Alzheimer’s and other age related conditions.


We have single bedrooms with an en-suite plus single, double or four bed rooms and residents are encouraged to bring as many personal possessions as can be reasonably accommodated.

Residents personal treasures can range from photos, ornaments, books, a favourite pillow or blanket, to a chair or small piece of furniture. These help to give a homely touch to bedrooms and their familiarity can bring comfort and security whilst settling in.

Each bedroom is supplied with a bedside cupboard, wardrobe and an electric height adjustable bed.

Larger items are negotiated with management prior to being brought in so that bedrooms do not become cluttered and unsafe.

All personal clothing should be adequately named with sewn in labels.


We invite family and friends to call in whenever possible and join in with any of our resident activities during the hours of 10am to 7pm any day of the week. Residents are encouraged to go out and visit family and friends at any time- please notify the Duty Registered Nurse when planning an outing so that we can provide medication and/ or equipment needed and ensure a residents whereabouts is known at all times.

The Department of Social Services permits up to 52 days social leave and unlimited hospital leave each year without reduction of subsidy.


Residents are required by the Department of Social Services to pay a minimum contribution of their total care cost. The amount paid is based on an income test conducted by Centrelink which advises the Department of Social Services who then advises us what a resident pays.

The daily income tested fee is payable by all residents of  aged care facilities (excluding Australian prisoners of war).

Basic Daily Care Fee: is a payment towards daily care services  for nursing, meals, laundry, help with showering and toileting, physiotherapy and podiatry services etc. This fee is set and updated by the Department of Social Services.

Income Tested Fee: is a payment that residents may be asked to pay in addition to the basic daily care fee. This fee is calculated according to an assessment of a residents income.

Accommodation Charge: we are approved to invoice for accommodation charges if your assets are over a certain amount. This is a fee charged daily in addition to the basic daily care fee plus income tested fee and is calculated depending on the value of your assets.

Our Maximum Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD) or Maximum Daily Accommodation Payment (DAP) are as follows:

  • Single Bedroom with Ensuite (Ceafield) RAD =$465,000 or DAP =$106.25
  • Single Bedroom without Ensuite (Ceafield & Kesters) RAD =$365,000 or DAP =$83.40
  • Companion Bedroom without Ensuite (Kesters) RAD =$315,000 or DAP =$71.98

Collections as Agent: We can act as a collections agent for expenses that are at a residents own cost (hairdressing, newspapers, pharmacy orders and personal wheelchairs/chairs etc) and will be added to the residents monthly account.

To find out whether you qualify to pay an accommodation charge you may need to fill out a ‘Request for an Assets Assessment’ form which is then assessed by either Centrelink or the Department of Veterans Affairs. An assets assessment is not compulsory but if you choose not to fill out, you may be charged for fees that you would otherwise not be required to pay.

Your fees will be calculated on a monthly basis and you or your representative will recieve an invoice for the coming month at the beginning of each month.

Rest assured any cost changes will be advised as soon as we can.


It is our policy that NO SMOKING is permitted on site. We are able to help residents quit smoking if this is a choice under consideration.


Residents, their families and friends are encouraged to give feedback about their care at any time and our aim is to resolve any issue as quickly as possible. We have a “Helping Us to Care Brochure” and QR Code available for internal feedback specific to our home.


A private phone line connection is available in each room at reasonable cost.

All bedrooms have a phone connection for receiving and making calls.


Information we need before admission

  • Pre Admission Assessment Form
  • Any Asset Assessment determinations
  • Copies of My Aged Care Approvals

Information we need at admission

  • Admission Form
  • Palliative Care Form (to help us understand your wishes)
  • Copies of relevant Power of Attorney, Administration, Guardianship and Medical Decisions
  • Residency Agreement (7 days to return)
  • Resident survey forms

Before you are admitted we will offer you a “Residency Agreement” which sets out the formal terms of the provision of care and placement with a standard cooling off period included.

Within the agreement is a clause allowing staff to take your photo for various purposes which may include but are not limited to:

  • Medication Chart identification
  • Resident Outings identification
  • Equipment Tags identification
  • Care Plan labels
  • Medication Sachet boxes identification
  • Future website publications

Families will be provided with an individual “Family Keypad Code” for entering and exiting our home via a computer controlled access system at set times. Outside these times access via the gate intercom will be available from one of our friendly staff.

On behalf of the Proprietors,
Management and all Staff Members,
Welcome to “Para Hills Residential Care”